Multi-Cultural Music and Storytelling Programs

Tiana Marquez is an accomplished vocal performer and storyteller. Her
unique musical presentations feature a variety of themes including
African-American history, family, and spirituality. Whether singing
or delighting audiences with her storytelling, Tiana always takes her
audiences on a powerful emotional journey deep into their own hearts.

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Programs for All Ages

Below is a list of Tiana's most popular programs which are suitable for all ages. Several of these programs are included in Tiana's CD, "Down by the Riverside." Programs developed from the themes listed below last approximately 45 minutes to one hour (except the stories for young children which last approximately five minutes). For questions and booking information, click here.

Remembering the Children's Crusade

45-60 minutes
Age seven and older

The setting: The 1960s in the American South.
A tale of the children who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King. This story is based on historical events and the "N" word is used once in the story. Parental discretion advised.

Women in the Fields: Spirituals and their History

Acappella songs and storytelling
45-60 minutes
Age nine and older

The setting: The South before the Civil War.
The presentation in story and song includes a dramatic interpretation of a slave woman's life laboring in the fields. A moving and engrosing performance.

Kwanzaa Time: History and Contemporary Observance

Story ending with an original Kwanzaa song
45 minutes
Age five and older

The setting: Modern-day America
This presentation gives the history of Kwanzaa, introduces each principle, and explains the Kwanzaa table as it is set up during the performance.


30-45 minutes
Age seven and older

The story of the the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States. On June 19, 1865 union soliders landed in Galveston, Texas informing the slaves that the Civil War was over, and they were free.

Tamale Man & Mertice's Gift

Stories with song
30-45 minutes
All ages

Two original stories, "Tamale Man" is the story of a memorable musical street vendor and "Mertice's Gift" tells how a child obtains a special gift through creativity and perseverance. Group participation is encouraged.


Short Stories and Poems for Mature Audiences

The following are dramatic interpretive performances. Two or more short stories or poems can be combined to make a complete 45-60 minute program. For questions and booking information, click here.

Some Hats

10-12 minutes

The artist takes us back to her childhood and weaves a colorful vision of the women who wore hats in her community.

Canary & Ms. BE

12-15 minutes

A poor singer and a wealthy housewife share their lives and provide a special gift to each other.

A Tribute to Marian Anderson

1 hour 15 minutes

Songs and history of one of the most celebrated singers of the twentieth century. Tiana's is a moving interpretation.

Once a Man, Twice a Child

10-12 minutes

This story is about an adult child, who becomes the parent of his aged parent.


10-12 minutes

This story toys with the audience and nature.

Mz. Georgia Rae

10-12 minutes

A story and song for children of all ages.

Bayard Rustin - Gay, Unacknowledged Civil Rights Leader

45-75 minutes

This story incorporates the Spirituals that were favorites of Bayard Rustin and that he sang throughout his life.