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With five CD releases to her credit, Tiana Marquez continues to live
into her dream of creating music and stories of spirituality and
the human experience. Most recently she has expanded her focus to
include video production. Scroll down to read more about the music
and watch videos.

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Tiana Marquez - Acapella Spiritual Recording

Tiana Marquez performs the spiritual "Mary Had a Baby"

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© 2012 by Tiana Marquez. All rights reserved. Unathorized duplication prohibitied. Please write for permission.

Tiana's Recordings

Feeling Good

Tiana's jazzy take on some favorites and standards.

Feeling Good CD Cover Art

Feeling Good can be ordered from iTunes or Amazon.

Songs included:

1. I Wish You Love, 3:28
2. I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl, 2:43
3. Don't Get around Much Anymore, 2:32
4. California Dreaming, 2:52
5. Our Love Is Here to Stay, 2:01
6. Unforgettable, 4:11
7. Carolina in the Morning, 2:44
8. Willow Weep for Me, 3:13
9. When October Goes, 4:17
10. Embraceable You, 3:13
11. Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey, 1:30
12. Good Morning, Heartache, 4:44
13. It Ain't Necessarily So, 3:41
14. Fidgety Feet, 1:58
15. Summertime, 4:58
16. Feeling Good, 4:00

Produced by Tiana Marquez, ASCAP
Vocals: Tiana Marquez
Executive Producer: Brian Buckner
Recorded at Big Sky Recording Studio
Engineers: Brian Woodrin, Nelson Gast, and Josef Deas
Accompanists: Dave Gitterman and Brian Buckner
Editorial Support: Sylvia Weinberg and Nancy Kubinski
Administrative Support: Sylvia Weinberg
Cover Photo: Park Video Productions, Inc.

From Tiana: This album is dedicated to my beloved George, who never gaveup on me and encouraged me to see the light when I couldn't see it for myself. Thanks to family, friends, fans, Al, Lillian, Sammia, and Uncle Ruthie.

Winter Holidays

The music on this album comes from different cultural backgrounds, religions, and ages to produce a holiday album all can enjoy.

Winter Holidays Cover Art

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Storys and songs included:

1. Children Go Where I Send Thee, Spiritual, 3:53
2. Scarlet Ribbons by Jack Segal, 3:16
3. Wonderful World by George David Weiss, 3:56
4. The Christmas Song by Mel Torme, 2:13
5. My Dreidel, Traditional 0:59
6. Ave Maria, by Franz Schubert, 5:27
7. Mary Had a Baby, Spiritual, 3:13
8. Silent Night/Holy Night, music by Franz Xaver Gruber, lyrics by Joseph Mohr, 5:07
9. Hinei Ma Tov, Traditional 2:21
10. If I Can Help Somebody by A. Baxel Androzzo, 3:52
11. Winter Night by Shelley Jackson Denham, 3:25
12. Kwanzaa Time by Tiana Marquez, 6:03

Produced by Tiana Marquez, ASCAP
Musicians and Arrangers: Tiana Marquez, Dave Gitterman*, Jack Segal, Allison Halerz, George David Weiss, Eva Young, Brandy Sinco,
Recorded at Big Sky Recording Studio
Additional recording at Double "B" Productions Studio
Engineer Chris Duross.
Engineer Bonnie Billups, Jr.
Photo by Park Video Productions
Layout and Cover Design by Dr. George Hoffman
* Dave Gitterman is the accompanist for two of the Temple Beth Emeth youth choirs. He also plays piano with the Klezmer Fusion Band and at various senior centers in the area. Dave sings base with the Ann Arbor Vocal Arts Ensemble and the Temple Beth Emeth Choir.


Down by the Riverside

The oral tradition of storytelling is used to dramatize and personalize history. Although the stories are designed to educate and remember, they also entertain children of all ages and cultural backgrounds. They provide a bridge for multicultural understanding.

Down by the Riverside Cover Art
Storys and songs included:

1. Ring Them Bells, 4:16
2. Women in the Fields, 7:40
3. Juneteenth, 2:52
4. Down by the Riverside, 2:19
5. Children's Crusade, 16:38
6. Tamale Man, 6:46
7. A Village, 2:54
8. Mertice's Gift, 6:48
9. Kwanzaa Time, 6:07

Inspired by the Muse and the African-American
oral tradition

Written and Performed by Tiana Marquez, ASCAP
Produced by Bonnie Billups, Jr. & Tiana Marquez
Recorded at Double "B" Productions
Special Sound Effects & Engineer Bonnie Billups, Jr.
Final Mixing at Solid Sound Studio
Engineer Chris Goosman
Photo by Smiling Faces Photography
Drummers Matthew Dillion & LeRon Williams
Cover Design & Layout by George Hoffman
Thanks to the thousands of children who have attended my concerts, either at their schools, public libraries, at parks down by the riverside, and at community centers.

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About the Album
Down by the Riverside is a collection of songs and original stories, inspired by Tiana's childhood memories. At that time in some areas of the rural South, down by the riverside was a very special place, a place to meet friends and relatives, have picnics, fish, and wash clothes. Ministers would preach and people would be baptized. Often at the riverside, people would tell stories and gossip. Before the Emancipation, some slaves would sneak away to go to the river.
About the Stories and Songs
The first song is adapted from an African American Spiritual, Ring Them Bells. Often gatherings in the days of slavery began with a song, passing along events of the day. The first story is the lament of a woman during slavery. Emancipation from the African American perspective follows in the story "Juneteenth." After the Spiritual, "Down by the Riverside," is an original story on the Children's Crusade, which occurred during the Civil Rights struggle of the 1960's. Tamale man is the humorous story of a street vendor and Mertice's Gift tells how a child uses his creativity to obtain a wonderful gift. Original songs are "A Village" and "Kwanzaa Time."

Parental guidance is suggested for a word used in the story "The Children's Crusade" (the "N" word).


Healing Celebration

A collection of Spirituals, traditional songs, and original compositions, these songs are tools of healing. Find your hope in this album, the hope of a Promised Land. This work was created in loving memory of Tiana's adoptive father, Richard Marquez. A percentage of all profits are donated to the Teen Mentor program at California State University Northridge.

Healing Celebration

Spirituals are the music created by black slaves, in the tobacco and cotton fields of the American South. Spirituals were often inspired by Old Testament stories, because the slave could identify with the bondage of the Israelites. The music was handed down for more than 300 years.

Regardless of the listener's ethnic or cultural background, this music has the power to call people back to their spiritual roots by soothing, uplifting, and renewing the soul.

Storys and songs included:

1. Ave Maria (Shubert) 5:23
2. Honor Honor (Spiritual, arr. Galloway) 1:43
3. How Come Me Here (Spiritual) 2:49
4. Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel (Spiritual, arr. Marquez) 1:20
5. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child (Spiritiaul, arr. Galloway) 5:54
6. It's Me Oh Lord (Spiritual, arr. Marquez) 1:21
7. A Village (Marquez) 2:55
8. This Little Light Of Mine (Loes and Christianson, arr. Marquez) 2:21
9. Deep River (Spiritual) 2:44
10. My Lord What A Morning (Spiritual, arr. Marquez) 2:00
11. Plenty Good Room (Spiritual, arr. Galloway) 2:37
12. Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho (Spiritual, arr. Marquez) 2:08
13. He's Got De Whole World In His Hand (Traditional) 3:14
14. Go Down Moses (Spiritual, arr. Marquez) 4:11
15. De Blind Man Stood On The Road & Cried (Spiritual, arr. Galloway)
16. Infinite Mother (Marquez) 1:40
17. A Balm In Gilead (Spiritual) 2:28
18. Fix Me & Prayer (Traditional) 3:49

Produced by Bob Kinsey & Barry Paul
All vocals by Tiana Marquez
Engineered by Bob Kinsey
Mixed & Mastered by Barry Paul
Recorded at:
Sage & Sound, Hollywood, CA
Third Street Productions, Ann Arbor, MI
Barry Paul Recording, North Hollywood, CA

Tiana Marquez, Vocals
Michael Galloway & Eva Young, Piano
LeRon Williams, Drums

Cover Design & Layout by George Hoffman
Photographs by Vicky L. Krist & Kinje
© 1996 by Tiana Marquez, ASCAP

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Tiana Marquez Rejoices in Her Spiritual Heritage

Tiana's first album, recorded in 1990, is a collection of spirituals.

Tiana Marquez Rejoices in Her Spiritual Heritage
Storys and songs included:

1. Honor Honor, 1:41
2. Deep River, 2:41
3. De Gospel Train, 1:16
4. Sometime I Feel Like a Motherless Child, 5:46
5. His Name So Sweet, 3:04
6. Were You There, 5:37
7. Plenty Good Room, 2:33
8. Nobody Knows De Trouble I've Seen, 3:04
9. Fix Me, 4:51
10. He's Got De Whole World In His Hand, 3:12
11. De Blind Man Stood On De Road An' Cried, 3:18
12. Oh, What a Beautiful City, 1:55

Produced and Performed by Tiana Marquez
Engineered by Bob Kinsey
Assistant Engineer Jerry Wood
Recorded and mixed at Sage & Sound Studio, Hollywood, CA
Vocals and vocal arrangements by Tiana Marquez
Pianist Michael Galloway
Piano arrangement for "His Name So Sweet" by Michael Galloway
Original album designer and coordinator Elizabeth Francois
Photography by Mona Quon

© 1990 by Tiana Marquez

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Tiana's Video Production

The David Byrd Chapel: 25 Years of Service



This video tells the story behind The David Byrd Chapel in Ann Arbor, Michigan. David Byrd was an architect of some renown, and he enlisted his students in working on a structure which would eventually become the chapel. This film was produced by Tiana Marquez in 2013.

© 2013 Tiana Marquez

Farmer Bill


Watch Farmer Bill, a video production highlighting the people and organizations working farmer Bill Schmid's land to help support the Ann Arbor, Michigan based "Food Gatherer's Farm Project." This project provides food for the needy. First we hear about the work of the Mindful Eating Team of the 1st Unitarian Universalist Church of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Next we hear about another supportive group, the Webster Garden Project. These groups work with Farmer Bill Schmid on his land to produce more than a thousand pounds of produce each year.

© 2018 Tiana Marquez